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Child Therapist


Offered in Durham and Windsor-Essex

At SPARK, Counselling focuses on helping children, youth, and families to address and resolve various issues and concerns in their lives.


SPARK offers Counselling services delivered by experienced and empathic Social Workers (MSWs).

What is Counselling?

What is a Social Worker?

About SPARK's Social Workers

How to Access Counselling with SPARK


Counselling Service

(Offered in: Durham & Windsor-Essex)

  • Counselling (also referred to as psychotherapy or, simply, therapy) involves conversations and interactions between a therapist and an individual, family, or group. Children, youth, and their families can benefit from counselling in order to address problems in their lives. Such issues may relate to their behaviours, beliefs, feelings, relationships, and experiences. Counselling can help children and their families with:

    • developing positive coping methods

    • developing healthy thinking patterns and behavioural habits

    • recognizing their own strengths

    • boosting self-esteem

    • improving relationships

    • learning to practice mindfulness

    • building assertiveness

    • resolving conflict

    • increasing understanding of their own thoughts and feelings

    • identifying new solutions to their daily problems

    • planning for the future


What is


What is Counselling?

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  • Quality counselling services are tailored to each child and family’s needs, with recognition of how the client’s unique identities impact their life experiences.  In their time together, the therapist and client will collaboratively establish goals and identify steps to achieve those goals. An important part of counselling is a supportive and attentive therapeutic relationship, in which the client feels safe, comforted, and heard. The therapist may utilize a variety of therapeutic approaches, techniques, and tools to best support the child and family, while following ethical guidelines and standards.

  • To aid in working toward therapeutic goals, therapists engage in various activities, depending on the child’s age, developmental stage, and personal characteristics. In addition to talking, Counselling may also involve playing, games, drawing, and practicing new skills.

What is a Social Worker (SW)?

  • 'Social Worker' is a protected title named under the Health and Social Care Professionals Act 2005. Only professionals who are registered with the appropriate regulatory body may use the title specific for that profession.

  • In Ontario, SWs are registered with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers (OCSWSSW), the regulatory organization that oversees the practice of SWs in Ontario. In order to qualify for entrance into the profession and ongoing service delivery within the profession, each SW must meet the College’s requirements. The programs and standards of this regulatory body help to ensure that, when receiving the services of a SW, you can expect to receive care from a qualified professional who is held to a high standard. This means that clients will receive high-quality, safe, and ethical care.

  • SWs are professionals who are dedicated to using their positions to advance the goals of their clients. SWs never view the individual in isolation from the broader social structure within which they exist. SWs abide by specific ethical guidelines, which place value and emphasis on respect for the client and the importance of self-determination.

  • Social Workers help people overcome barriers, reach goals, develop skills, and build resiliency by:

    • Working directly with clients to provide assessment and intervention

    • Helping clients to discover and utilize existing strengths and supports available to them

    • Working as part of multidisciplinary teams, or liaising with other members of clients’ support networks to ensure that the unique strengths of all parties are effectively utilized

    • Connecting people with resources that can help meet their needs

    • Developing or contributing to policies on organizational or broader levels that emphasize justice and fairness

    • Advocating for solutions to issues that impact client’s needs and rights

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What is a SW?

About SPARK's

Social Workers

The Social Workers delivering Counselling services with SPARK have graduate-level degrees in Social Work, and are members in good standing with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers (OCSWSSW). To get connected with a SPARK Social Worker, contact us!

At SPARK, our Social Workers are passionate about working with the pediatric population (ages 0 to 18) and their families.  They are skilled and experienced in supporting families with a wide range of issues, including:

About SPARK's SWs
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  • Transitions (e.g. a new school, relocation, a new sibling)

  • Stressful events (e.g. death in the family, divorce or separation, bullying, abuse, trauma)

  • Changes in health or mental health status of a member of the family (e.g. new diagnosis, illness, injury, substance abuse or addiction)

  • Difficult emotions (e.g. anger, shame, guilt, worry, stress, grief, sadness, low self esteem)

  • Mental health concerns (e.g. depression, anxiety)

  • Parenting concerns

  • Relationship issues within the family unit

  • Concerns relating to sexuality and gender identity

  • Issues relating to attention and focus (e.g. planning, time management, goal setting, organization, and problem solving)

How to Access Counselling

How to Access Counselling Services with SPARK

To discuss how Counselling may benefit your child, or if you'd like to get set up with services, please contact us today!

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