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  • What regions does SPARK service?
    SPARK provides a variety of therapies and services to meet the needs of our Clients and their families. Service offerings vary by location. SPARK Durham services the Durham Region and offers in-centre services at our clinic located in Whitby or Learning Centre located in Oshawa. SPARK Windsor-Essex services Windsor-Essex county and offers in-centre services at our clinics located in Lakeshore and Windsor.
  • What's the first step in determining if SPARK is right for my child?
    No professional referral is necessary - parent(s)/guardian(s) can refer their child for service(s). Let us know that you are interested in learning more about our services by: - Sending us an email at: (Durham) or (Windsor-Essex) - Sending us a message through our website in the Contact section - Sending us a private message on our Facebook pages Our Intake Coordinator will get in touch with you to provide general information, answer your questions, obtain further information about your specific situation, and review next steps.
  • What can I expect from the initial assessment?
    Following your intake phone call, an appropriate Service Provider will get in touch with you to book the initial assessment appointment. This visit will take approximately one hour, and is used to determine your child's developmental abilities. Some findings can be shared immediately, while others need scoring and will be shared during the follow-up phone call. Based on the outcomes of the assessment, the Service Provider and family will collaboratively determine next steps. If appropriate, goals will be set for intervention and a treatment session will be booked.
  • Will I get a report following the assessment visit?
    Many families like to have a report on file or to share with other service providers involved in their child's care (e.g. teachers, other therapists, etc.). The report would include outcomes from the assessment, as well as general recommedations. To give families the choice based on their own preference, we provide the option of an assessment visit with or without a formal report. This keeps the cost of the assessment down for those families who don't require a report, while still providing the option to families who do want one.
  • How many sessions will my child require?
    It is difficult to provide an exact answer to this question, as it depends on a number of factors, including how your child responds to therapy, what their specific goals are, as well as your family's financial considerations. Therapy is a collaborative situation involving the child, Service Provider, and the family. Families will be provided with recommendations and activities to work on between sessions. Follow through at home plays an essential role in helping your child make progress.
  • Does SPARK offer joint therapy sessions?
    It is not uncommon for more than one sibling in a family to benefit from a particular therapy. Parent(s)/guardian(s) may wonder, then, whether joint sessions would be a cost- and time-effective way to target the needs of two or more children in their family. While service is family-centred and parent(s)/guardian(s) should have a primary role in determining treatment directions for their children, it is important that the therapist make recommendations based on clinical assessment, professional knowledge, and the ethical obligations set out by their Regulatory College. Please see the attached documentfor the full details of SPARK's Policy on Joint Therapy Sessions.
  • How much do SPARK services cost?
    SPARK offers a number of different services and options to better meet each individual family's needs. Different services (OT, Counselling, etc.) and different types of sessions (assessment vs treatment) have varying costs. To better determine the types of services (and their associated costs) that your child may benefit from, contact SPARK at 289-927-2013 (Durham)/519-968-3567 (Windsor-Essex) or (Durham) or (Windsor-Essex)
  • How do I pay SPARK for their services?
    SPARK is a private practice and, therefore, services are not directly covered by government funding. Payment is due at the time of session, and cash (exact amount), cheque, or email money transfer is accepted. A receipt will be given upon payment. Some private insurance companies will reimburse for services provided by SPARK. It is your responsibility to look into your insurance coverage and to submit any claims. There may some funding sources (e.g. private charities) that you can apply to, which can be used toward the cost of therapy.
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