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SPARK (Sparking Pivotal Achievements in Remarkable Kids) is a private practice serving children and their families within the Durham Region and Windsor-Essex areas. SPARK offers a variety of therapies and services to meet children's unique needs. Depending on the SPARK location, services can be provided in-home or in-centre. 

SPARK’s mission is to promote development and growth in the children with whom we work, in areas of their lives that are important to them and to their families. SPARK intends to work collaboratively with families, to recognize the assets they bring forth, and to share knowledge and resources to build their capacity. SPARK aims to help ignite children’s confidence in their capabilities, independence in various areas of their lives, pride in their own unique strengths and characteristics, and their potential to be successful in their own ways.


SPARK’s vision is for every child to have the support they need to reach their full potential, and to feel included and important in all areas of their lives. We envision a world in which all individuals have stigma-free access to the treatment and accommodations that enable them to live happily and meaningfully, and to contribute positively to the systems which they are a part of (like families, schools, and communities). 


SPARK’s values reflect who we are and what we stand for as an organization:

  • Passion for contributing to children’s well-being

  • Flexibility and creativity in our work with children

  • Belief that everyone has value, strengths, and talents to bring forth

  • Appreciation for the vast diversity within the human experience

  • Commitment to providing the right type of and level of support to help children reach their full potential 

  • Recognition that children are a part of various systems including, families, schools, and communities

  • Celebration of all successes, which may look different for each person at each stage of their life

Our Privacy Commitment to You

Durham services are provided by SPARK Durham Inc. and Windsor-Essex services are provided by SPARK Windsor-Essex Inc.  'SPARK' and 'SPARK Pediatric Services' are business names used by both SPARK Durham Inc. and SPARK Windsor-Essex Inc.

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