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Behavioural Services

Offered in Durham and Windsor-Essex

At SPARK, Behavioural Services help address behavioural problems that contribute to challenges in the life of the child and their family. 

SPARK offers assessment, direct treatment, consultation, and parent-training to best meet the needs of each child and their family.

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What is a

BCBA and a Behaviour


About SPARK's Behavioural Services 

About SPARK's Behavioural Services Providers

How to Access Behavioural Services with SPARK

What are BS
Behavioural Services

What are Behavioural Services?

  • Behavioural Services are evidence-based services that aim to reduce interfering or challenging behaviours (e.g. hitting, tantrums, throwing or breaking items, defiance, self-injury).

  • Based on a thorough assessment process, an individualized service plan is created for each client.

  • The service plan may include direct treatment, consultation, and/or parent-training depending on the needs and goals of each child and their family.

  • Approaches to addressing behaviours recognize that each behaviour has a function, and that there are safe and productive ways for children to have their needs met.

  • Services aim to establish more appropriate behaviours to meet the child’s needs. This involves skill development in areas such as:

    • recognizing feelings, emotions, and states of alertness

    • managing emotions, impulses, and sensory needs

    • learning to accept feelings and respond appropriately to them

    • improving the ability to solve conflicts and problems

    • expanding the use of strategies to self-regulate 

    • gaining mindfulness and the ability to be engaged in the moment

    • developing self-advocacy skills (i.e. building self-awareness, understanding personal needs, and communicating those needs to others

    • taking turns and sharing

    • understanding interpersonal skills and social boundaries, based on the nature of a relationship

What is a BCBA/IT?
Psychologist for Children

What is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA)?

  • BCBAs are professionals certified at the graduate level by the Behaviour Analyst Certification Board (BACB).

  • As part of their certification, BCBAs must achieve specific educational requirements, complete significant supervised experience, pass a psychometrically-sound examination, and meet compliance with respect to ethical requirements and continuing education.

  • BCBAs conduct assessments, supervise direct treatment, and deliver consultation services for children and their families.

  • BCBAs’ work is guided by the science of behaviour. 

What is a Behaviour

  • Behaviour Therapists have training and experience in behavioural therapy.

  • Under the supervision of a BCBA, Behaviour Therapists are responsible for providing direct intervention, implementing programs, and collecting data.

  • Behaviour Therapists engage in ongoing collaboration with the clinical team.

  • Behaviour Therapists maintain a high standard of professionalism, ethics, and client confidentiality. 

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About SPARK's BS

About SPARK's Behavioural Services


Behavioural services rely on individualized assessment to guide treatment that is tailored to each child. A variety of assessment methods are utilized in order to inform the creation of an individualized treatment plan, including standardized assessments, direct observation, and the collection of information from the child’s family members.

Direct Treatment

Based on the assessment, a plan for treatment is developed in accordance with the child and family’s goals. Service providers work directly with the client to deliver programming, and build positive rapport with the client so that the therapeutic relationship is one that feels meaningful, safe, and enjoyable.

Consultation and Parent Training

Consultation and parent-training services involve providing education, training, and strategies to caregivers to meet the behavioural goals of the client. While consultation is typically done with parent(s)/guardian(s), it can also involve other caregivers or professionals who are involved in the care of the client.


About SPARK's Behavioural Services Providers

SPARK Board Certified Behaviour Analysts have Masters Degrees, and are active certificants with the Behaviour Analyst Certification Board. SPARK Behaviour Therapists are skilled behaviour technicians with a diploma/degree in a relevant discipline, and have completed educational/training in behavioural sciences. At SPARK, our Board Certified Behaviour Analysts and Behaviour Therapists are passionate about working with the pediatric population (ages 0 to 18), and are skilled and experienced in addressing a variety of needs.

Access BS

How to Access Behavioural Services with SPARK

To discuss how Behavioural Services may benefit your child, or if you'd like to get set up with services, please contact us today!

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