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Teacher Helping Student

(Individualized Services)

Offered in Windsor-Essex

What are 1:1 Tutoring Services?

  • At SPARK, our tutors understand that every child has a unique learning style and we believe in the power of individualized education.

  • Our experienced tutors take the time to assess each child's strengths and challenges, creating a personalized learning plan that suits their specific needs and learning style.

  • We create a holistic approach to a child’s specific needs and learning journey by working closely with parents, caregivers, and allied professionals to ensure a seamless integration of tutoring services into your child's overall healthcare and well-being plan.

  • With your child's comfort and confidence at the forefront of our tutoring sessions, our tutors are skilled at creating a supportive, safe, and encouraging environment that fosters a love for learning.

Our tutors can help support a wide variety of educational goal areas such as:

Reading comprehension



Homework help in all subjects





Transition support

Organization and planning

English, math, and science focused tutoring

Teacher and Student
Contact us if you'd like to:

- discuss how our individualized tutoring services may benefit your child

- get your child registered for the service
Teacher and Student
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