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Three Trick-or-Treating Alternatives for at Home - Making Halloween Fun for Kids with Special Needs

Updated: Oct 20, 2018

Part 3 of a Four-Part SPARK Spooktacular Series

In the previous parts of our Four-Part SPARK Spooktacular Series, we talked about tips to make dressing up and trick-or-treating a little more palatable for parents and children alike. But let's not forget that, ultimately, Halloween is meant to be fun. If, this year, it's just not the right fit for your child, that doesn't mean that you can't celebrate Halloween with them. Here are some ideas that might help make Halloween a special event in your home.

Halloween cookies on a baking tray next to a wooden spoon.

1. Halloween Hunt

If your child prefers hunting to haunting, try hiding Halloween treats around the house. They can dress up in whatever attire they like, and search the house for yummy or special treats! You can get creative with decorations, lighting and music to create whatever atmosphere that will make this Halloween fun and special for your child.

2. Halloween Baking

Start a family tradition of baking yummy Halloween treats, then eating them while watching kid-friendly Halloween movies or shows. What a better way to spend Halloween than to eat, drink, and be scary! Check out these recipes but, of course, select any recipe that your little baker would love to eat:

● Jack O’Lantern Cookies from The Food Network

● Chocolate Rice Krispie Treats Cat Pops from Hungry Happenings

● Strawberry Ghosts from Delish

3. Halloween Crafting

Does your little one love arts and crafts? If so, consider a night of making some wicked awesome Halloween creations that your child will be proud to show off! There are tons of options that are not only fun, but also sensory-friendly and promote fine motor skill development through cutting, folding, etc. See some options we dug up:

● Halloween Slime from The Best Ideas for Kids

● Yarn Wrapped Mummy from I Heart Crafty Things

● Pinecone Bats from Fireflies and Mud Pies

● Paper Pumpkins from DIY Inspired

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