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Family Support Services

Offered in Durham and Windsor-Essex

At SPARK, Family Support Services provide assistance to families in accessing the funding and community resources needed to best support their child and family.

Funding Support

  • From respite to specialized programming to diapers to therapy, caring for a child with a disability or other needs can come with additional expenses that can become excessive for families. 

  • Funding support services can help families identify funding that they may be eligible to receive.  Additionally, as required, families can be supported in completing the steps required to access funding. 

  • Relevant sources of funding include:

    • Assistance for Children with Severe Disabilities (ACSD)

    • Special Services at Home (SSAH)

    • Disability Tax Credit (DTC)

    • Incontinence Supplies Grant Program - Easter Seals Ontario

    • Access2 - Easter Seals Canada Access 2 Entertainment Program

    • Private or Charitable Sources

Service Navigation

  • As a parent or caregiver of a child or youth with developmental challenges, the prospect of navigating various service systems can be daunting and overwhelming.  

  • Some of the interconnected service systems that children and their families may come in contact with on a daily basis include: 

    • Education

    • Behavioural services

    • Health care

    • Mental health care

    • Rehabilitation services

    • Childcare

    • Recreation

    • Child welfare

    • Youth criminal justice

  • Service navigation services can include helping family members with:

    • Linking to appropriate community services

    • Accessing and understanding information regarding service systems 

    • Overcoming barriers to accessing services

    • Communicating with agencies and services

School Support

  • Children spend a large portion of their time at school.  It is of great important, therefore, that school environments are set up to best support each child's unique needs. 

  • School support services can help families with:

    • Gaining knowledge about the school system

    • Preparing effectively for school meetings

    • Strengthening advocacy skills

    • Understanding the Individual Placement and Review Committee (IPRC) process

    • Ensuring that the Individual Education Plan (IEP) is well-developed and meets the needs of the child

    • Navigating other school-related challenges (e.g. school suspensions, exclusion, bullying)

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