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Childhood Budget


At SPARK, Childhood Budget Management is available to families requiring support with managing their Ontario Autism Program (OAP) Childhood Budget. 

Childhood Budget Management services are available to families regardless of whether they are accessing other SPARK services.

What is a Childhood 



of Funds



How to Access Childhood Budget Management 

with SPARK


Childhood Budget

Management Services

What is a Childhood Budget?

  • In February of 2019, the Ontario Government announced the beginning of changes to the Ontario Autism Program (OAP).

  • While the program is in a period of transition, eventually, each child in the OAP will be eligible to receive a Childhood Budget, which is a designated amount of funding to be utilized toward range of eligible services for their child and family.  

  • Services that can be purchased with the Childhood Budget includes behavioural services, speech language pathology, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, family/caregiver capacity building/training, respite services, technology aids, and travel.


Brokerage of Funds

  • With the announcement of changes to the OAP throughout 2019, many parents have expressed concern about the increased burden associated with managing a large sum of money each year.  Families will need to provide supporting documentation as evidence of appropriate spending of the Childhood Budget.  If families are not able to reconcile their Childhood Budget funding (either due to spending on inappropriate services or not maintaining appropriate documentation), those families will be required to return the difference to the ministry or it will be subtracted from the next Childhood Budget.  In addition, the ministry may suspend or terminate funding if families do not comply with the terms and conditions of the OAP Childhood Budget funding agreement. 

  • In response to families' concerns, for a fee (based on a percentage of a client's budget), SPARK is able to broker funds for families wishing to reduce the stress associated with self-managing their funds.

    • SPARK will hold the funds for the family, in order to eliminate the risk of spending on ineligible services

    • SPARK will directly pay service providers - either those with SPARK or external services

    • SPARK will track spending of the Childhood Budget to support the family in appropriately utilizing their funding within required time frames

    • SPARK will maintain and submit all necessary documentation to the ministry in order to reconcile funds

Service Planning

  • With the announcement of changes to the OAP throughout 2019, many parents have expressed concern about planning and coordinating their children's services within a complex system.  Many families worry that, with increased choice in services with the new OAP, comes increased confusion.  

  • In response to families' concerns, and included in the cost of Brokerage of Funds (as outlined above), SPARK is able to provide support with planning as it relates to the Childhood Budget, including:

    • ​​​Navigating the service system to determine which services may be most appropriate for each child, including services offered by SPARK or other service providers in the community
    • Planning how the Childhood Budget can best utilized to support each child's unique needs
    • Coordinating services and communicating with involved service providers, as appropriate

How to Access Childhood Budget Management Services with SPARK

To discuss how Childhood Budget Management Services may benefit your child, or if you'd like to get set up with services, please contact us today!